Chances are, this question has run through your mind…

“How do I hire the right B2B copywriter?”

Good question. Anybody in the market for a B2B copywriter– or any marketing specialist– usually has asked themselves this.

I know it can be a challenge to find the right person because I was once on your side of the desk — responsible for developing marketing communications for a B2B company. I also had to hire marketing vendors. At first, it was trial and error. 

But after a while the answer became clear to me: vendors who had been around for a few years were the most likely to deliver on what they promised. This made sense, as they wouldn’t retain clients over the long term if they fumbled projects.

I’ve been writing copy for the B2B market for two decades and running my own communications company since 2001. I’m not a newbie copywriter dabbling in the marketing field who’s here today and gone tomorrow.

In the 18 years as a business owner, I’ve helped many companies by providing reliable service, on-time delivery, and, of course, results-oriented copywriting.

That said, I have to tell you no copywriter can guarantee a specific outcome. (If you ever come across a writer who claims they can, THEY’RE LYING!) 

But wouldn’t it be wise to work with a writer who has helped companies grow?

Like me — who helped a client trying to attract distributors for a new product: 

 “The emails you wrote for me did a brilliant job and helped
me build my business. 
I’ve got over 4,200 resellers now! Thanks again for
the excellent work you did for me.”

As well as email, I’ve written for virtually every marketing channel: web, social media, print, radio, and video. No need to find and manage multiple writers for different media. You’ve got a convenient, one-stop copy shop right here.

The DMA, the world’s largest multichannel marketing organization, has certified my marketing skills, so you get a writer who crafts copy to match the strengths of each medium.

If you value quality copywriting and need a writer who… understands the niche sectors and the long sales cycles of the B2B world… will work with you as a supportive, problem-solving partner… and takes the time to understand your target audience, then I think we’re on the same page.

Sound good? If yes, then contact me today. No obligation, just a conversation — to see if I can help you achieve your marketing goals.

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Certified Inbound Marketing Expert

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Certified Content Marketing Specialist

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Certified Marketing Professional – Data & Marketing Association


Jennifer Serrano
Marketing Manager  

“I gave David a very basic outline of the message that we wanted to deliver, and he developed the latest story of the value of our business. He did an exceptional job of getting to know our business and was able to quickly come up with great ideas. The level of service was outstanding. I would recommend him without question.

Petra Roth  
Marketing Communications Manager  
Thermo Fisher Scientific

“David has proven himself to be an asset to the B2B marketing communications team when he helped with the launch of an international service program. His writing was highly benefit oriented and sharply focused on our target market.  I will be happy to work with Dave again, and I recommend him wholeheartedly.”