6 Brainstorming Techniques for Content Creation

I used to think brainstorming was an annoyance. I felt like it was a way to seem busy but without really making any headway on a task. But when it comes to creativity, inspiration is an unreliable visitor. So I have to suck it up and try other ways to coax ideas into the spotlight.Brainstorming-Light-Bulb copy

It would be a folly to try and list all the possible ways to brainstorm ideas. But I can share at least some of the methods of developing content both for my own company and clients.

1) Write a Letter to a Customer (But Not a Sales Letter). You’re not trying to sell with this technique. You simply write as if you are responding to a problem a customer has shared with you. By focusing on articulating the benefits in a more relaxed format of a letter, you open the possible solutions that can be a source for content.

2) Review Your Social Media Channels. See if the headlines in your news feed spark ideas. I prefer Twitter for this, perhaps because it’s concise, and I can view a lot of content topics in a single glance.

3) Read Your Competitor’s Content Marketing. Your goal is not to plagiarize, but to see if you can find related ideas or approach the same topic from a different angle.

4) Write Non Stop for 25 Minutes. No pausing to reread or edit any of the text. At the end of the time period, print it out and review. (I came up with today’s blog post by using this technique.)

5) Ask Your Brain for Content Ideas. This may seem too simple and obvious, but you’re not asking your conscious mind. You want assistance from the deep well of your unconscious. I usually post the question before I go to sleep. I never get an immediate reply when I put this method into action. But almost always within 48 hours, some good ideas jump to the front of my brain.

6) Create a Mind Map. Although I haven’t found it as effective as other techniques, mind mapping is extremely popular for storming ideas. You start with a keyword or phrase in the center of a page and then jot down ideas around the topic. My mind prefers a more linear approach, such as typing out ideas on a blank page. But everybody’s mind is different. No harm in testing it out.

If you’d rather skip the pen and paper, there are plenty of online tools. Here are some of the most recommended brainstorming software programs:

Mind42  (FREE!)
Mind Tools 
Storm Board (for team collaboration)

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David Coyne

David Coyne

David Coyne is a B2B copywriter and marketing consultant with 25 years experience in the business-to-business sector.

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David Coyne

David Coyne

David Coyne is a B2B copywriter and marketing consultant with 25 years experience in the business-to-business sector.

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