Podcasting For B2B Companies

When any new technological innovation hits the Internet, it gets hard to separate the truth from the hype. The hypsters have barely finished with their over-the-top praises of blogging and now everyone and his dog is contemplating launching his own podcast.

Before you start down the podcast path, the most important thing to consider is whether your target market is hungry for information delivered in this format. It may work well for high tech companies, who are aiming at a generally tech savvy audience. But if you’re in a traditional industrial sector, maybe your audience isn’t as up to speed on podcasting.

Test the waters with teleconferences and webinars. See what kind of response you get from customers with these formats before making a commitment to produce a regularly scheduled podcast.

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David Coyne

David Coyne

David Coyne is a B2B copywriter and marketing consultant with 25 years experience in the business-to-business sector.

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