Press Releases: Effective or Waste of Time?

What have been your experiences in using press releases to
promote your product or service? Was it beneficial or a
disappointment? Did you distribute your releases by fax,
email or hire a distribution service?

The mistake I find with most companies that prepare their
own press releases is they don’t look at it from the publication
editor’s point of view, which is “How does this information help
my readers? Is this actually useful news?” Unfortunately, too
many companies turn their press releases into nothing more
than a typewritten advertisement.

For PR distribution service, I use and highly recommend The site owner is Paul Krupin and
he’s always been helpful. He’s also amazingly inexpensive.
Download a copy of his e-book “Trash Proof News Releases.”

Additional resource:
“How To Write A Great Press Release”

David Coyne

“Multiple Ways To Make Your Advertising More Responsive”

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David Coyne

David Coyne

David Coyne is a B2B copywriter and marketing consultant with 25 years experience in the business-to-business sector.

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