Why You Need to Recycle Your Content on Social Media

Social Media ChannelsOnly minutes to a few hours. According to research, that’s the lifespan range of social media posts.

When you’re trying to promote content like your white paper, blog post or video, the brief existence of social media updates doesn’t bode well for connecting with your target audience.

The best strategy is promoting the content on your social accounts more than once. But when you post the same text pitching your content repeatedly, it appears spammy.  What’s the solution?

In this post, I give examples from my own business on how to promote the same content multiple times without looking repetitious.

Here’s my first tweet promoting my blog entry Content Marketing: Make Small Changes for Big Results:


Then I used the following techniques to expose the same blog post on my social media channels. Try them yourself and see what response you get.

(1) Change the headline: You might choose one of the subheadlines in your blog post or come up with something new.

What headlines work best? That’s a topic of debate.

The science of writing headlines fills entire books, so I can’t get into a detailed analysis in a single blog post.  If you need headline help, check out the Resources section at the end of this entry.

In my experience, I’ve found How-to, question, and benefit-driven headings work best. Of course, the ultimate strategy to settle the argument is to measure the response.

This is my second tweet, with a new headline:


The basis of the headline is from the first paragraph of my blog post. I identify a problem (content overload), reframe the problem as a question, and entice readers to click on the link to discover the solution.

(2) Include a graphic or photo:  They’re great for boosting your blog post’s visibility.

In my third tweet, I chose a graphic from my post and altered the headline slightly from my previous tweet:


(3) Produce a quote card: A variation on the graphic approach, a quote card contains a key piece of text from the promoted content.  A helpful tip, controversial declaration, or curiosity-invoking statements are a few ideas on what you could place on your card.

I use PowerPoint to create the graphic and then use the Save as Picture function to convert it into a jpeg file.

Below is my quote card, this time posted on LinkedIn:


(4) Include social proof: With this technique, you tie your promoted content with a third-party statistic that supports it.  This indicates authority in what you’re sharing.

You don’t have to limit yourself to text.  If this stat appears in an infographic, crop the image around the stat and post it.

In this tweet, I included a statistic from a Demand Metrics survey and wrote text to create curiosity about the data.


(5) Piggyback your content: Here’s where you comment on someone else’s post that discusses similar issues to your content.

In my example, I discussed interactive content in my blog post, so I remarked on the same topic on Twitter and included the link to my entry. The disadvantage of this technique is your viewer could choose the other person’s link, so you may see fewer clickthroughs.



Review your past material.  Do you have content that’s still relevant today? If yes, then implement some of above techniques and redeploy it as part of your promotional strategy.  This is also a better way to top up your social media channels than curating other people’s messages.

Have you discovered other methods to promote the same content without appearing repetitious? Share your tips in the comment section.


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David Coyne

David Coyne

David Coyne is a B2B copywriter and marketing consultant with 25 years experience in the business-to-business sector.

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Could All this Happen to Marketing in 2014?

Blown-Away-Predict-2014 copyIt’s that time when we marketers ponder about our objectives and strategies for the New Year. After two decades of experience in the industry, I haven’t seen marketing communications splinter into so many different channels, especially in the social media space.

But having more channels doesn’t necessarily make things easier for marketers.

The Business Marketing Association and Forrester Inc noted anxiety among marketers in research presented at the BMA’s annual conference this year. Their study found that, “97% of b2b marketers are doing things they have never done before as part of marketing, and 34% of senior marketers feel ‘overwhelmed’ by change.”

If you feel snowed under and unsure about your marketing direction, have a look at some of the trends and predictions for the New Year. It might deliver the right guidance on where to aim your marketing arrows in 2014 – or at least give you a little time to prepare.

Social Media:

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Digital Marketing:

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Search Engine Marketing & Pay Per Click:

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For my own forecasting, I predict a cooling of social media’s cool factor. Its popularity won’t sink, but companies will achieve a better understanding of where social media excels and where it doesn’t. It’s inevitable that this marketing channel would start to mature, like all others before it.

I expect to see the fast emergence of new players within social media, giving pioneers like Facebook and Twitter a run for their money. Mobile marketing will become more integrated into ecommerce and content marketing.

What about you? Where do you think marketing is headed in 2014? Please share your thoughts.

David Coyne

David Coyne

David Coyne is a B2B copywriter and marketing consultant with 25 years experience in the business-to-business sector.

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