Are You Overwhelmed by the Amount of Content You Need to Produce?


Most marketers would say yes. If you’re stuck in the same boat, implement content repurposing into your marketing strategy. Reusing content in different media channels delivers several benefits:


  • Produces additional exposure for your products
  • Frees your time to produce new content
  • Creates more content for your marketing channels without starting from scratch 
  • Diversifies your content for different stages of the buyer’s journey
  • Boosts your SEO

And contrary to widespread belief, Google will not penalize your search engine ranking for repurposed content. Googlebot is smart enough to know the difference between repurposed material and duplicate material.

As your content repurposing resource, I will review your current content. From there, we can decide which material will be ideal for repurposing. And then I will use proven copywriting techniques to boost response for your reused content by producing new headlines and calls-to-action.

I can also edit and revise long content pieces to convert into a different marketing medium. For example, repurposing a long blog post into a series of emails.

Contact me to discuss your content repurposing strategy.