Marketing services



I have ample experience writing copy for websites, email, print, social media, and video. Why outsource to multiple copywriters for different media when you can turn to a single writer to handle any type of assignment? 

I’m also a certified content marketing specialist. I understand how the B2B sales funnel, inbound marketing, and buyer’s journey play a vital role in turning your prospects into customers.



Like many marketers today, you are probably overwhelmed when it comes to developing content.

For example, blogging is often the flagship method for delivering content to prospects and customers. Yet, marketers are spending anywhere from three to six hours writing a single blog post, averaging 2,118 words.

That’s a ton of effort to create content that’s only used once. Repurposing blog posts into multiple channels saves you time and money. It also expands your company brand.

I specialize in helping clients get more mileage from their marketing content by repurposing it. Learn more.



Some clients that come to me for copywriting aren’t sure what type of copy they need. Do they need web page copy? Should they use a sales email? Would a case study be the right fit?

This uncertainty is because clients aren’t clear on how the copy will contribute to solving a core business problem. 

If you’re in the same situation, my business mapping process can drill down to the core issues. From there we can develop a plan of action to solve your company’s most urgent concerns. And you will have clarity on what type of copy would benefit you the most.