When has a copywriter asked you about your business problems instead of your copywriting needs?


I bet most copywriters have never asked you about this vital topic.

This is a shame because you’re not spending money creating content for the sake of content.

All of your marketing should contribute to solving a business problem, whether it’s sagging sales, high customer turnover, or shrinking market share.


Many copywriters will only ask you about your content needs.

He or she will ask you questions about the content format you require (case study, blog post, etc).

And how many words do you need?

And when’s your deadline?


But what if a copywriter also took the time to understand your business problems rather than just supplying you with another piece of content?

Wouldn’t it be better to have a copywriter helping you to get an improved ROI on your proposed project? In some cases, this may lead to changing your project altogether.

But if that change is going to deliver the right solution, isn’t that a preferred use of your time and money?


I use a business mapping process to discover more about your company’s problem and if marketing is the solution.

If it is, what type of marketing should that be?

By drilling down to your core issue using business mapping, we can determine if the project actually solves your problem.

Marketing may not be the answer. And I will tell you that through the mapping process.

In either case, you’ll get an in-depth breakdown of the problem and the solutions to move forward.

Tell me on my contact page. Let’s see if we can work together to create a solution for your most urgent business issue.

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Jennifer Serrano
Marketing Manager  

“I gave David a very basic outline of the message that we wanted to deliver, and he developed the latest story of the value of our business. He did an exceptional job of getting to know our business and was able to quickly come up with great ideas. The level of service was outstanding. I would recommend him without question.

Petra Roth  
Marketing Communications Manager  
Thermo Fisher Scientific

“David has proven himself to be an asset to the B2B marketing communications team when he helped with the launch of an international service program. His writing was highly benefit oriented and sharply focused on our target market.  I will be happy to work with Dave again, and I recommend him wholeheartedly.”